About Us

A Little About Us
WABCON Building Contractor is a registered local contractor of category BC-4 , which was established in 2004 G.C as Grade-8 General contractor using the name of the owner and general manager as Wondowssen Assefa Building Contractor. We believe our translation from G-8 to G-4 within a short period of time is great Accomplishment in regard to our long term Objective being Grade-1 Contractor in 2025. Wondowssen Assefa Building Contractor operate on the team concept and our many skilled and experienced staff and filed team members have established a standard of excellence that is well recognized in construction industry.

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  • To serve Governmental and Non-Governmental Customer by Exceeding acceptable quality standard and by ...
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To become the most competitive and leading Building Contractor in Ethiopia By constructing highest quality Buildings. 1.2.2 Mission Statement
Core Values
The values that drive both its vision and mission are:

i) Customer satisfaction: working towards gaining a shared belief and value for all employees from top to bottom to believe and acknowledge, “The customer is the King”. Hence, all efforts exerted by all staff should be focused towards creating high customer satisfaction at all times.

ii) Ensuring profitability: unreserved commitment to superior quality services in every business Engagement and generating reasonable profit for the company. The core vale of integrity is implicit here in that, upholding a high degree of honesty and accountability in the discharge of one’s duties and responsibilities will be given an utmost importance.

iii) Continual Development : With a strong belief that staff are crucial assets, a continual commitment of resources to the development of staff and systems aimed at achieving the vision , mission and goals of the Company will be given management’s due focus. This includes acclaiming and rewarding behavior that supports innovation and outstanding performance and also sanctioning disciplining behavior that can be detrimental to the core values of the Company. Moreover, it includes commitment to development of the business with the highest standard of modernization and state- of-the-building technology.